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We're glad that you want to study SFI with us! Select the municipality you live in to proceed with the application. You are eligible to study at Svea SFI if you belong to any of the following municipalities: Boden, Botkyrka, Huddinge, Kalix, Luleå, Nykvarn, Piteå, Salem, Södertälje, and Älvsbyn.


We look forward to welcoming you!

Good to know

  • SFI is completely free and a valuable investment. You have nothing to lose, only opportunities to gain.

  • After completing the course, you can continue your studies at adult education, vocational college, university, or college.

  • Once you have learned Swedish, you can apply for jobs and achieve financial stability and security.

Sfi är helt gratis och en värdefull investering.
Du förlorar ingenting utan bara öppnar för möjligheter.

Efter avklarad kurs kan du studera vidare på vuxenutbildning,

När du har lärt dig svenska kan du söka jobb och få stabil inkomst och ekonomisk trygghet.

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Help with the application

For some, the choice is easy, for others it's more difficult. But one thing is certain - there is an education or course for everyone. We at Svea sfi are here to assist you with your thoughts about the future.

How do you apply?


Apply via computer

Step 1. Call us at 08-25 90 00 and select button option 1.


Download the computer program

Step 2. Download the computer program.


Open the homepage

Step 3. Open the website and we will help you through the application process!


Networking and pitching

You will have the opportunity to present and pitch your UF company's business idea at an open house, at meetings with various companies within the county and in various other networking contexts. -136bad5cf58d_You also participate in an annual and inspiring fair with competitions, where your UF company can compete in various categories. At Svea Gymnasium, your unique talent is both encouraged, recognized and developed. No matter what your unique talent is, we make sure that it is developed together with experienced tutors. 

Let us help you with your application! If you need guidance with your application, we are ready to help you. You can apply via computer or mobile phone. Below are three simple steps on how to get help with your application.

Questions and answers

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Apply for sfi today!

Choose the course and educational format that suits you best.

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Time to apply for sfi?

Exciting! Choose your municipality and proceed to apply for the study path and course that suits you best.


How the application process works:

  1. Submit an application on our website If you have any questions or need help with your application, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. Learn more here.

  2. Talk to our study and career counselor (SYV) After submitting your application, our SYV will contact you to get to know you and guide you to the SFI study path and course that suits you best. You will discuss the language(s) you already know, what you are currently doing, how long you have been in Sweden, and whether you have studied before in your home country.

  3. Choose a school and study mode After the call, you will know which SFI is best for you. Then you will inform the study and career counselor of where you live and how you want to study (full-time or part-time, in the classroom or online) and whether you need additional support.

  4. It's time for school to start! You and the study and career counselor at Svea SFI have agreed on which SFI you will attend and how. It's time for school to start! Exciting! You will receive more information as the start of the school year approaches so that you can feel calm and prepared for the start.

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